Monday, 4 August 2014

    Guide to install Viper for Android sound drivers in the P2

Dear developers,  here's a guide on how to install Viper audio driers to our p2.
These audio drivers provide HD audio quality.


1. The phone must be rooted.

2. The driver ( download from the link mentioned below)

If your phone is not rooted,  here's a guide for the same


1.Download and install the Viper.apk file.

2. Open it,  and grant it superuser permission.

3. Select your preference of audio quality.

4. Update the driver,  and reboot the phone.

Done!  Feel free to explore the various sound customizations.  Enjoy.

Credits to the original developer:

Email me if you have any doubts :


I am not responsible if your phone (Gionee P2) gets bricked. You should go ahead with this exercise only if you are aware that your warranty is now void. I am always available through email to help out regarding any doubts.

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