Saturday, 17 October 2015

Latest custom ROMs for the Gionee P2/Walton F2

                          LATEST CUSTOM ROMs FOR THE GIONEE P2/WALTON F2

Here's a list of the lollipop themed ROMs which I think are pretty good:

1.Lollifox V 9.1.1:

2.Media Mod V2:

PLEASE NOTE that these ROMs are not created by me. The credits to the original developers are provided.


1.Lollifox V 9.1.1:
  Jahid Alam Shuvo, Team FMD
2.Media Mod ROM:
I am not responsible if your phone (Gionee P2) gets bricked. You should go ahead with this exercise only if you are aware that your warranty is now void. I am always available through email to help out regarding any doubts.


  1. Should i use cwm recovery to flash them?

  2. Videos on Facebook and youtube doesn't work, only the sound of the video you can hear .

  3. Hii Home button doesn't work..
    Any solution for this bug???