Wednesday, 25 December 2013

How To Root The Gionee Pioneer P2

Dear Android developers, the Gionee P2 is a great phone that offers value for money. But the benefits of rooting it are endless. Hence here's a guide on how to do it.

Requirements :

1. A computer (running Windows 7)
2.Original Gionee data/USB cable
3.Gionee p2
4.Working Internet Connection

Step 1:

Data Backup:

Backup your contacts, apps, messages etc.. into your sd card or the phone memory.

Step 2:

This step is Recommended but  is not Necessary if your phone has the Walton Primo F2 Firmware. 

Factory Data Reset:

Please go ahead with step ONLY if you got the OTA update mentioned below, on your stock ROM.
This is an important step, especially if you recently received an OTA update that installed Bubble Birds 2, and a few other useless games and apps. Rooting is not possible in the presence of this OTA update.

Initial Adjustments Before Rooting:(Must Do)

1.Disable 'NQ Antivirus'

Settings>Apps>All>(Select NQ Mobile Security)>(Select Force stop)>(Select Disable)

2.Enable your phone to install apps from 'Unknown Sources'

Settings>Security>(Check 'Unknown Sources')

3.Disable the Google Play app verification

Settings>Security>(Deselect 'Verify Apps' option)

4.Enable USB Debugging

Settings>Developer Options>(Select 'USB debugging')

Step 3:

Set up your phone in the initial steps. Then download PdaNet from here  and install it.

 Check  'others' and click next till the drivers get installed.

Step 4 :

After installing PdaNet, disconnect the phone from the computer. You can see the PdaNet app in your app drawer. Uninstall it and reboot your phone.

After the phone is rebooted, restart your computer and reconnect your phone.

Step 5:

Download the SRSRoot application on the computer.

download here:

Click on the 'Root Device(Smart Root)'  and follow the instructions in the application itself.

After selecting the 'Root Device(Smart Root)' option, the application will run a few operations and a prompt will be sent to your phone.

 Select the 'Install Super SU' option and select the 'Boromir' Exploit and press ok.

Now, SRSRoot will finish the process and ask you to reboot the phone.

Disconnect your phone and reboot. You should see the 'SuperSu' app in the app drawer.


Download the Root Checker app from the play store on your phone or from the link.

Install the app and open it. Select  the 'Verify Root Access' option. You should get something like this:

Congrats! You have just rooted your Gionee P2  :)

Email me if you have any doubts :


I am not responsible if your phone (Gionee P2) gets bricked. You should go ahead with this exercise only if you are aware that your warranty is now void. I am always available through email to help out regarding any doubts.

Along with coding, photography forms one of my favorite interests. Please feel free to see the world from my perspective.


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