Thursday, 26 December 2013

Installing Beats Audio In The Gionee P2

How to install Beats Audio to Gionee P2/Walton Primo F2:

*This operation cannot be performed if the phone(Gionee P2/Walton F2) is not rooted.

 Please refer to my previous post on how to root the Gionee P2/Walton F2 if you want to do it.

Here's the link:


1. Rooted Gionee P2
2.CWM Recovery

If you don't have CWM Recovery, here's the guide on how to install it:

3.Beats package

Step 1:

Download the ''AwesomeBEATS_v5_Aroma'' on either your phone or your computer.

Here's the link:

Step 2:

Install the ''AwesomeBEATS_v5_Aroma'' on your phone through the CWM Recovery. Just select the option ''Install Zip From SD Card''. Do not Wipe ANYTHING.

The aroma installer will start and will help in the installation.

The phone will reboot and you will have this "Awesome Beats" app in your app drawer:

 Once you open the app, you should see this:

Congrats! You have successfully  installed  Beats Audio onto your P2.

Email me if you have any doubts :


I am not responsible if your phone (Gionee P2) gets bricked. You should go ahead with this exercise only if you are aware that your warranty is now void. I am always available through email to help out regarding any doubts.

Credits to: xda-developers member: ...Awesome... for the original post and the beats package.

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