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How To Unbrick Your Gionee P2

How To Unbrick The Gionee P2 (CWM Recovery Included):

(Simplified Guide)

Dear Developers, here's a guide on how to unbrick your Gionee P2:

Step 1:

Download the F2 Firmware here :

Step 2: (Installing The Drivers)

Unrar the archive. First open the folder called "Driver'' and extract the ''USB VCOM Driver" onto your desktop.

Open Control Panel and open 'Device Manager'.

Select the first option/device and  select the option called 'Action'  and select 'Add Legacy Hardware'

Select 'Install Hardware Manually' and press 'Next' a few times.

Now select 'Have Disk' and select the .inf  file from one the folders (extracted on your desktop) that corresponds to the OS of your computer.

(If your Computer has a 64 bit OS, then select the file that has 64 in its name).

Now the drivers should finish installing.

Restart your computer.

Step 3: (Installing The Walton Primo F2 OS)

In the extracted folder called 'F2 Firmware', you will find two folders: ''Flash tools'' and ''Software''.

Open ''Flash Tools'' and extract ''SP_Flash_Tool_exe_v3.1312.0.139'' to your desktop.

Now open ''Software'' and extract '' Primo-F2_0301_T5159" to your desktop.

Open the folder  ''SP_Flash_Tool_exe_v3.1312.0.139'' (There are a few nested folders so just keep opening them). You will find a blue icon called ''Flash_tool.exe''. Open the application.

You should see this:

1.Select 'Downloading Agent' and navigate to the ''SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1312.0.139'' folder that's within the ''SP_Flash_Tool_exe_v3.1312.0.139'' folder, on your desktop.

2.Select the file: ''MTK_AllInOne_DA" and press 'Open'.

3.Once this is done, select the option: ''Scatter Loading'' and navigate to the folder "Primo-F2_0301_T519" on your desktop.

4.Select the file: ''MT6572_Android_scatter'' and press open.

5.Remove the battery from your phone.

6.After the files in the flash tools are loaded select the 'Firmware Upgrade' option and connect your phone (with the battery removed).

7.It should start updating. Then insert the battery into your phone and wait for a few minutes.

You should see a green circle open up in a window.

8.Its Done. Remove the phone's USB connection, then remove and re-insert the battery into your phone.

9.Switch on the phone.

Congrats! You just unbricked your Gionee P2! :)

If you reboot to recovery you'll have CWM Recovery. Enjoy :)

Email me if you have any doubts :


I am not responsible if your phone (Gionee P2) gets bricked. You should go ahead with this exercise only if you are aware that your warranty is now void. I am always available through email to help out regarding any doubts.

Credits to xda member: gioneerp2 for the original guide:

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  1. Hi All

    I installed a custom ROM but it was getting stuck in boot screen ,so i did a auto format flash which deleted all the data in the flash using SP flash tool v3.1312.0.139 . and as I disconnected the phone from PC it got hard-bricked. even if i connect to PC, SP tool is not able to recognize the gionee p2 so I cant do any thing .
    can't switch on the phone and not getting recognized in SP tool flash.
    Is there a way to fix it or to send the rom data to the phone flash ?


    1. Did you unplug the phone after the update was finished? Hard-brick happens very rarely.